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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

We rock the NTN Trivia!

Mike invited me to go to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight with his girlfriend Ashley, and her friend Lindsey. We got there, enjoyed some delicious and very hot wings, and watched the Cubbies play the Rockies.

After a while, we finally got our hands on a Playmaker, the device used to play trivia. Tonight, PasTimes was the game to play. I'm not that hot at history (which is all it was), but we played anyways. Between Mike and I, we ended up with a score of around 11000 points. It's a 15 question game, and each question is worth a maximum of 1000 points, so we only missed out on 4000 possible points. We actually answered every single question correctly, it's just that you get more points the quicker you answer... so if you don't answer right away, you may only get 300 points instead of 1000.

We won the game at the Buffalo Wild Wings location... not bad for a couple of college students. After the game shows who won at the location, it starts to break down your performance versus other people nationally, and finally, compares your score to other high scores at that location. Mike and I got the 8th highest score ever recorded at that Buffalo Wild Wings location.

I love Buffalo Wild Wings... they need to build one in Ames. I wonder if any bars in Ames have NTN Trivia... if so, I am so there this fall.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

E/N to the Extreme!

While my parents were out of town about a week-and-a-half ago, Zakk and I were struck my the hunger bug. Katie was working it up at TJ Maxx, so we decided we would make a meal for just the two of us.

We were able to find some ground beef, so we were going to grill up some hamburgers, except we couldn't find any buns. Shit. We then located some Rye bread and some onions. Who knows where I'm going with this already?

Yes, we made patty melts, and yes, I took pictures.

SauteƩing some onions in butter and garlic. Mmmmm.

More hot, hot sauteƩing action.

Zakk's mad seasoning and grilling skills at work. Step off his grill, dawg.

The finished product. Note the grilled rye, the perfectly grilled ground beef, and the melted cheese and onions.

What would a picture post be without pictures of Jamie's Tupac chip? If you missed the original post, you should click here and check it out.


Ok, so I'm hanging out with my roomate and his twin out at Lake Delhi. We're all golfers and we think it would be fun to hit a golf ball across the lake or at least try. Our best guess put us at around 400 yards from the other side so we didn't think we could reach it. I set up and crush the shit out of the ball and just when the ball looked as if it should drop it started to rise, I hit it pretty good. Then we hear a big WACK and everyone on the other side of the lake that was around jumped up to see what happened. I hit a lake house just under a screened in porch where people were eating and hangin out. We booked it inside and didn't really know what to do. We the people just stood in their lawn and looked across the lake for a little bit and nothing really happend. I couldn't believe I hit it over the lake and into the side of a house. We started hitting irons and Alex got a 6 iron within about 15 yards of the other side. I think we missjudged by about 200 yards.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

This might be my first post...

So today I was working at the Irish Democrat. I overslept and came in about an hour late. Last night I ate a whole pan of cinnamon rolls for my supper. After I'd been at work a few hours, I got one of the "OMG I almost had a surprise with that fart" thing going on. It was happening. I was going to have Diareah, or Really Bad Gas. I asked if I could go home to lighten my load, but the supervisor just said he didn't want to know about it. So I told Chad T! about it, and he wanted some Hardee's breakfast. So I asked if anyone else wanted anything, and the supervisor wanted a Big Slam Mt. Dew.

So I really quick drove home, ran inside, released myself and ran back out to the car, sped off to Hardee's, barely got there before they stopped breakfast, jetted across the street to the Kwik Trip and picked up a Big Slam and got back to work, all in about Twenty Minutes. This was pretty amazing for me, because it normally takes me a good half hour sometimes to do just the first part of that.

Oh yeah.
And I didn't get fired.

Of course later on I found out the supervisor had gone to Menard's to get something, and decided to stop in to Best Buy and look at Plazma TV's so I didn't care anymore.

But good lord, I must be sure to always have a job that I can go home to take a shit. I just don't feel right if it's not on the comforting thrown in my own house, that I know how much it can take before a curtousy flush is required.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


If anyone (or anyone's friend/sister/uncle) has any idea how to write a patent, the advice would be much appreciated.

Aside from that minor bit of confusion, though, the only thing significant about today is that I'm coming home tomorrow. That's right, for two weeks Cedar Rapids' genome will be JAT+ bitches. (Microbiology joke.)

God I hate my life.

P.S. I don't like cricket, whoa no, I love it. Dreadlock Holiday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Last weekend I went up to my roomate Grant's house to say for the weekend and play in a golf tournament.  Grants house is unusual because he is one of eight kids.  That means there are 10 people living in the house during the summer.  He has 3 little brothers ages 4,10 and 12.  We are eating pizza and havin a good time and I leave to go take my insulin.  I notice a small wet piece of paper on the container I keep my diabetic stuff in and flick it off not thinking anything of it.  Mitchell the 12 yr old comes in and ask me what I'm doing so I give him a short blerb about diabetes.   Later that night when we come back and are getting ready to go to bed I reach in my bag for some shorts.  They are soaked so im like WTF.  I feel around and find a sock that is soaked and filled with toilet paper and a piece of SHIT.  That and a new bottle of rum that was also in the bag was missing.  To make a short story shorter Grant scares the shit out of them and they tell us where the bottle is.  They also got questioned by their parents  as to why they did it and I got an apology.  I had to hold back from cracking up when the two kids who are crying their eyes out say they are sorry.  I mean it sucks that they shit in my bag but seriously how do you come up with crazy shit like that.  They got shit about it all weekend, I got my clothes washed and everything ended up alright.

Re: Disgusted

Why is common sense at a goddamn premium at this day in age? If you're going to drag race (particularly at THOSE kinds of speeds)... aren't there far better places to do it? This is the only part of First Avenue that is 25 MPH, and the reason is because of the amount of pedestrians. If I wanted to drag, I could think of so many better places than there. Highway 30, for example.

If he in-fact did not have a seizure, I hope they throw the book at him. Again, I'm calling for Second Degree Murder, and he better get sent to pound-me-in-the-ass Anamosa.

This just bugs me so much. Alcohol was involved in the fatal accident on East Post Road. The Linn-mar accident on the Marion Bypass (Highway 100) was from lack of auto knowledge (if the car keeps accelerating, put it into neutral). A recent drug overdose also occured. All of these accidents were tragic, but entirely avoidable. Abby did nothing wrong, except be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I didn't know her very well, but I am very upset by this.

Re: Disgusted

There wasn't any fucking seizure.

The guy was street racing the car next to him, and had run 4 red lights in a row.

I know someone who was driving ahead of him and had to pull over because he was tailing them so badly. Like 30 seconds later, they saw the whole incident, which is pretty fucking sick.

ER docs say the speed was about 75 miles an hour and it's not certain whether drugs or alcohol were involved, but it was definitely drag racing.

Re: Disgusted

From what I hear (very unconfirmed source), the driver had a seizure, which is why he was in the 90 mph range. Still, a tragedy.

This has been hard on nearly everyone connected to it. Abby Bowman didn't know this, but she was about to be proposed to. Her boyfriend, Tim Bascom, bought the ring and was going to ask her to marry him, but that all ended Sunday night.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Most of you have probably heard now about the accident on First Avenue that occurred late Sunday / early Monday.  You've also probably heard how the car skidded more than a city block, hit a lightpole, and a tree.  What you might not have heard in the initial reports (what the Gazette wrote in their Monday edition) was that the car also hit two pedestrians.

Later, the reports did indicate that the car hit two pedestrians -- one Abby Bowman and a friend... and Abby didn't make it.  I was very saddened by this... Abby sat in front of me during math class my senior year.  I didn't know her particularly well, but she was always smiling, always in a good mood, and was a very pretty girl.

It's a rotten shame that the driver of this car didn't take proper care and happened to hit two people simply walking across the street.  Things happen in life that don't always make sense, and this is no exception... how does a car driving 25 MPH surprise someone walking across the street badly enough to kill them?  The speed limit is 25 at that particular point on First Avenue.  I'm a bit confused by why Abby died, but things like this do unfortunately happen, so I wasn't particularly enraged about it... just sad and upset.

Talking to my dad this morning, my view drastically changed.  He has several friends on the police force, and he had heard the complete events of what occurred. 

The car driving down First Avenue was traveling at speeds between 80 and 100 MPH.  Abby probably didn't even see the car when she went to cross the street.  She was struck with such force that her body was split in two and her upper torso struck the windshield of the car, causing the driver to lose control, skid for a block, and then hit a light pole and then the tree.

This was not an accident.  This was a man with an utter disregard for the safety of his fellow human beings, and is guilty -- in my humble opinion -- of Second Degree Murder.  I am just so sickened I don't know where to begin.  Had this man followed the rules and regulations of traffic... Abby would've been struck at worse by a car traveling 25 MPH, and would be injured, but most likely not dead.  At 25 MPH, swerving would've been possible, and Abby also probably would've seen the car coming and never would've walked out in the first place.

I am the first to admit that I'm not always the most... emotional person.  We've had a few deaths regarding Wash students, Wash grads, and other area schools... but they have almost always been at the result of poor decision making... and while sad, were not entirely unavoidable.

This is not such an example.  This is a girl who was doing nothing more than cross a street, and was sadly taken from us before her time. 

Rest in peace, Abby.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Now, you know this one is going to be hateful, just by the virtue of it being 7 and me being toe'ed up all alone in my room at school, but I've got to fucking rant for a moment - if I may.




If a file - innocently titled asdflkjalu.mp3.bin - arrives in your inbox from someone you don't even know, who's never sent you email before, with no text, what part of your brain says "CLICK IT, IT'S A PRESENT?" Because it's surely not your memory. You remember that fiasco - two months ago - where "someone" sent you a file for "having your inspection?" Oh, you don't? I didn't fucking think so, because you clicked anyway, didn't you? I have to warn anyone over 19 that NOBODY SENDS YOU AN MP3 OVER EMAIL BECAUSE THEY THINK YOU'LL REALLY LIKE IT. ESPECIALLY NOT AN MP3.BIN. Does anyone even know what .bin exensions are anymore? Does MS-Outlook? Because it seems to eat them up like candy.

It's fucking dumb, and it costs me time, and I have to fix OPP (other people's problems) because they can't fucking manage their own goddamn boxes.

My plan?

It's dangerous.

It's radical.

It's even gnarly.

Kill the stupid and use their bodies for objects de erotique or fuel.

Yes, that means YOU, Mr. Businessman with the Love Bug of late 2001.

Because irregardless of what your specialty is - whether you're a computer user or an accountant - your lack of knowledge no longer excuses your stupidity. It seems like people think they can just blink innocently while using a computer and tech support will excuse their vice. There are some problems that you've caused that cost other users time and energy. You have no "right" to the internet, and your privilige should be revoked at the first sign of such blatant disregard for common sense.

Ooo! Brittaney.jpg.exe! I bet she's NAKED.

P.S. Lindsay Lohan is a SEVERE honey.